Rick Mofina - Last Seen - MP3 Audiobook

Author: Rick Mofina
Title: Last seen
Format: mp3
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They are the perfect family. But perfection is fragile…
Cal Hudson knows the world can be an ugly place. As a journalist, he has journeyed into society’s darkest corners to expose the vilest crimes. But the world he shares with his wife, Faith, and their son, Gage, is different – it is a safe place, filled with love and kindness.

Until the unthinkable happens.

In a split second at a local carnival, nine-year-old Gage vanishes and the Hudsons’ world begins unravelling. A frantic search starts to uncover splinters in their carefully crafted facade, revealing buried secrets that cast just as much suspicion on Cal and Faith as any stranger, and proving that the line between love and violence can disappear as suddenly as a child at a chaotic funfair.

A gripping thriller for fans of James Patterson and Michael Connelly, which makes you wonder what really goes on behind closed doors…

Rick Mofina – Last Seen – MP3 Audiobook

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Rick Mofina – Last Seen – MP3 Audiobook

Rick Mofina – Last Seen – MP3 Audiobook

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