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Marvel Week+ for October 10th, 2018 consist of :
2018.10.10 Marvel Week+
Publisher: Marvel Comics | CBR/CBZ | English | Size: 680 Mb


X-Men 2099

The X-Men: Not just a job, a heritage! Xi’an Chi Xan wants Meanstreak, Krystalin, Skullfire and the rest to help rebuild Professor X’s dream – but lies, betrayal and assassination may tear them down before they’ve started! With the gods of the Aesir and demons from the Theatre of Pain against them, can the mutants of the future carve a future for mutants? Guest-starring Spider-Man 2099, Punisher 2099 and more!
X-Men 2099 Vol.1 (TPB) (2009)
Publisher: Marvel Comics | CBR/CBZ | English | Size: 433 Mb


Thor vs Hulk

The God of Thunder takes on The Strongest One There Is as two Marvel Universe heavyweights clash! A rivalry for the ages begins shortly after Hulk quits the Avengers, with a test of strength between former teammates! Things escalate when the jade giant recruits powerful allies of his own, paving the way for Thor vs. Hulk to be the main event of an Avengers/Defenders War! Hammer meets fist again and again, including a journey to Hel and back, and blockbuster bouts between the Odinson and the Red Hulk! It’s god against monster, in the Mightiest Marvel Manner of all!
Thor vs. Hulk Vol. 1 (TPB) (2017)
Publisher: Marvel Comics | CBR/CBZ | English | Size: 660 Mb


Thor Ragnaroks

The eternal cycle of Ragnarok describes the birth, death and resurrection of the Asgardian gods. A cycle that Thor wants to end. This decision is fraught with consequences, since it could sign the disappearance of the pantheon of Asgard.
Thor – Ragnaroks Vol. 1 (2017)
Publisher: Marvel Comics | CBR/CBZ | English | Size: 798 Mb


The Wrath Of Odin

A masterpiece of immortal action and boundless drama, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s Thor is a cornerstone of the Marvel Universe. And in this Epic Collection, Thor’s saga explodes onto the cosmic stage with the debut of Ego the Living Planet! And the action continues nonstop with the High Evolutionary, Ulik the Troll and the unstoppable Destroyer!

Then, Loki conspires to have Odin strip Thor of his power and banish him to Earth. Stranded, Thor must struggle to survive the machinations of his scheming half-brother, while attempting to return to All-Father Odin’s good graces! Plus the return of Lady Sif, and battles against the Growing Man, Replicus, the Super-Skrull…and your favorite enchanted-crowbar-wielding galoot, the Wrecker!

Thor Epic Collection – The Wrath Of Odin (2017)
Publisher: Marvel Comics | CBR/CBZ | English | Size: 1.7 Gb


Capital Punishment

The Punisher hits Europe! When Frank Castle heads to London in pursuit of the assassin Snakebite, he fi nds a whole continent of trouble – and also his biggest fan: the British vigilante Outlaw! Their fragile Anglo-American alliance must survive a deadly chase from country to country that will draw in mercenaries from Batroc to the Tarantula!
Punisher Epic Collection – Capital Punishment (2017)
Publisher: Marvel Comics | CBR/CBZ | English | Size: 849 Mb


The Immortal Iron Fists

There’s a new Iron Fist in town: the young kung fu monk Pei! And Danny Rand is ready to teach her everything she needs to know about harnessing her chi and being a hero. But can he teach the young native of K’un-Lun how to fit in at a New York City public school? And what about all the mysterious monsters that keep trying to destroy the Big Apple?

Trouble is coming, but thank goodness this city is big enough for both Iron Fists — it’s gonna need them! Get ready for an action-packed tale with twice the Iron Fists — crushing demons AND crushing on classmates.

The Immortal Iron Fists (TPB) (2018)
Publisher: Marvel Comics | CBR/CBZ | English | Size: 258 Mb


Captain Marvel

A series of collected editions collecting classic stories of Captain Marvel.
Marvel Masterworks – Captain Marvel Vol. 1 – 5 (2007-2014)
Publisher: Marvel Comics | CBR/CBZ | English | Size: 3.2 Gb


Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is back in her own solo series! A lot has changed in the Marvel Universe since the last time she headlined her own book, and there are secrets hiding in the shadows – secrets only a special woman like Jessica Jones can hope to uncover. Alias Investigations is open for business, and of all the many mysteries to uncover, her new case may be the most dangerous one!
Jessica Jones Vol. 1 – 2 CBR (TPB) (2017-2018)
Publisher: Marvel Comics | CBR/CBZ | English | Size: 420 Mb


Wolverine First Class

The next generation of students has arrived at Xavier’s School–Colossus, Storm, Nightcrawler, and the mysterious Wolverine–and with them, new teaching methods. Professor X pairs up green recruit Kitty Pryde with the been-everywhere, done-everything vet Logan, and neither of them are all that happy about it. But unless they learn to work together, neither of them will come back from their first mission together alive!
Wolverine – First Class #1 – 21 CBR (2008-2010)
Publisher: Marvel Comics | CBR/CBZ | English | Size: 520 Mb


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