Red Hood The Lost Days

This miniseries starts with Jason Todd, the second Robin, being held by Talia al Ghul. He is described as an empty shell that only has some kind of muscle memory when he is attacked, yet Talia continues to try and help him despite her father’s Ra’s al Ghu wishes. During his journey, Jason starts to remember. He recalls that the Joker brutally beat him and then left a bomb to finish him off. He then remembers coming back to life in the casket and crawling out of his own grave. The next part of this series shows Talia assigning Jason ‘teachers’ as he goes to different countries. With these teachers comes a moral conflict for Jason. He still wants to do good, he still wants to do what is right. All of this training and teaching builds up to a confrontation with Joker in the last issue with a surprise appearance by Hush in the last few pages.
Red Hood – The Lost Days #1 – 6 (2010-2011)
Publisher: DC Comics | CBR/CBZ | English | Size: 130 Mb


Red Hood and the Outlaws

“Dark Trinity” conclusion! Black Mask and Red Hood go toe-to-toe beneath One Police Plaza, while above them Bizarro and Artemis clash in a battle of titanic proportion! The finale to “Dark Trinity” is here—don’t miss it!
Red Hood & the Outlaws #6 (2017)
Publisher: DC Comics | CBR/CBZ | English | Size: 209 Mb


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