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Season 1 Episode 2 – The Blackwell family have to try and act like ordinary holiday makers, staying at the guest house. Sam Blackwell’s car is discovered abandoned and there’s growing concern for his safety. The police have discovered a connection between Sam and criminal Michael Collersdale. Robert is determined to discover the truth.


Safe House S01E01 HDTV x264-ORGANiC

Season 1 Episode 1 – Robert and his wife Katy decided to leave city life behind them after Robert was injured whilst trying to protect a witness in his care as he worked as a policeman. Susan Reynolds was fatally shot and Robert has been finding it hard to deal with the guilt he feels over the death of Susan. Robert and Katy now run a guest house, hidden away in the idyllic Lake District. After DCI Mark Maxwell shows up he suggests that the guest house is perfectly positioned to operate as a safe house. DCI Maxwell finds himself dealing with a family left reeling from a shocking assault and he calls Robert to see if he and Katy will take the family in and keep them safe. The Blackwell family adjust to life in a safe house and the man hunting the family is being investigated by Mark who turns to Robert for help and from within the safe house Robert starts his own investigation into the family.


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